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Your start-to-finish wealth-building system

WizeFi combines new technology and financial education to give you an effective financial system. Watch how it works.

How Building Wealth with WizeFi Works

Our CEO will guide you through the smartest ways to use your money in a proven system.


We’ll provide powerful tools and technology to make building wealth easy and effective.


Our financial education and software give you financial security and confidence in your money.

Our secret?
A groundbreaking algorithm meets education.

WizeFi is a proven, groundbreaking system that provides answers to your most elusive financial questions. How do you know when to start investing? Which debts should you pay off first?

Our algorithm takes a holistic approach when analyzing your finances, ensuring that you’re making financial decisions that will help you reach financial freedom as soon as possible.

There's more than one way to build wealth.

WizeFi maximizes your future wealth potential by including all aspects of your finances.

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“WizeFi is amazing, but it’s clear that only happened because of prince WizeFi. Honestly, he’s my hero.”

Queen Latifah

“Testimonials attract customers! Use this area to display the best feedback or comments from existing users.”

Nancy Leblanc, CEO NEXT

“Testimonials attract customers! Use this area to display the best feedback or comments from existing users.”

John Leblanc, CEO NEXT
Serious Security.
We promise to protect your data.

WizeFi does not connect to your bank account, which means we won’t capture sensitive banking information. However, we still protect the data that you enter. To see how our security works, click here.

Resource Hub
Your personal financial library.

We realize taking financial control can be an overwhelming process. Our resource hub provides answers to your questions in all aspects of finance.

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